Jubilant Pharma through its Radiopharmaceuticals business offers a wide portfolio of products that are used in Nuclear Medicine, for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

Our growing global business is anchored by our strong expertise in R&D, manufacturing, quality and regulatory affairs in the field of nuclear medicine.

Radiopharmaceuticals Through our Radiopharmaceuticals business we continue to expand an increasing presence in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  Our Radiopharmaceuticals business develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of products that enable Nuclear Medicine physicians to deliver personalized healthcare to their patients around the globe. Our core products primarily serve patients with cardiac, thyroid and lung disease providing reliable high quality imaging agents and patient specific therapies for Nuclear Medicine procedures.

The US market accounts for approximately 70% of our sales, close to 20% of our revenues are from Canada and the rest of the revenues are from markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The range of products currently marketed by our Radiopharmaceuticals business include a line of market leading lyophilized kits, such as DraxImage MAA (Macroaggregated Albumin) used in lung imaging, DraxImage Sestamibi for imaging of coronary artery disease, Diethylene Triamine Penta Acetic Acid (DTPA), which is suitable both for lung as well as renal imaging, Methyl Di Phosphonate (MDP-25) for bone imaging and Gluceptate for kidney and brain imaging. These products are usually promoted and sold as multiomponent kits that are used to administer patient doses.

Our radioactive product portfolio includes, HICON, a radioiodinated I-131 thyroid therapy and I-131 capsules for diagnostic applications, our radioactive product portfolio also includes Xe-133, a lung ventilation agent that complements our MAA product when both these agents are used to perform lung V/Q scans. Jubilant DraxImage is also developing Therapeutic 131I-MIBG, an orphan drug intended to treat rare and serious conditions such as neuroendocrine tumors. 131I-MIBG is an investigational agent in the US and is provided to several institutions through an FDA approved expanded access protocol (locations and details available on ClinicalTrials.gov).  131I-MIBG is also provided through Special Access Program in Canada.

Jubilant DraxImage also fosters innovation and provides enabling technology such as the SMART-FILL® system. This unique system is designed to enable the rapid, customized production of patient specific and highly precise patient doses of I-131. It greatly increases the efficiency of the radiopharmacy while also significantly reducing the radiation exposure to the pharmacist preparing the doses. These products are primarily sold to specialized radiopharmacies and hospitals with which we have strong valuable supply relationships.

Through our product pipeline we are investing in the future of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) by developing Ruby-Fill®, a sophisticated technology comprising a Sr82/Rb82 generator and an Elution System. The system will provide a solution of 82RbCl (Rubidium-82 Chloride) for intravenous infusion in patients with suspected coronary artery disease. Rb82, a short-lived positron emitter, is used to assess myocardial perfusion and to quantify regional blood flow in the myocardium, using Positron Emission Tomography (PET), a nuclear imaging technology.