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Health & Safety

At Jubilant we are thoroughly committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors.

Safety is the Most Important Factor

Our people are our most important asset and their welfare is our responsibility. The promise of Caring, Sharing, Growing is an integral part of Jubilant Pharmova. An Environment Health and Safety division has been set up at all our manufacturing facilities with dedicated safety officers. Well-equipped Occupational Health Centres (OHC) has been setup at major manufacturing facilities along with ambulance, benefiting all the employees and contract workmen.

Safety Training and Awareness workshops are conducted regularly. All workmen, including on contract, are given a safety talk before work is allocated to them. Specific training modules have been designed for specific work. Health check-ups are conducted for our employees as well as labour on a regular basis. Apart from this, we also organize various programs for the families of our workmen which includes AIDS awareness, maternal and child health, etc.

We have adopted the Globally Harmonised System for providing and spreading safety information regarding our products. In addition, we are also member to the Responsible Care program of Indian Chemical Council and committed to Sustainability; the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve its Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

We have safety teams at two levels - Central and Zonal. While the Central team looks after the overall unit, the Zonal team emphasises on the specific zones within the unit. These committees constitute representatives from both management as well as employees. The safety system includes approaches such as:

  • Identification of hazards and assessment of risk involved in various activities right from product development stage to the delivery stage.
  • Comprehending and incorporating necessary safety measures at the design stage itself.
  • Developing and implementing effective systems such as work permits, mock drills, system of reporting incidents, identifying the root cause of the same and built in preventive measures etc.
  • Fire being a major hazard in all the operations, an elaborate firefighting system is installed comprising alarm systems, manual call points, sprinkler systems, pressurized fire hydrant system, fire tenders and well-trained human resource to handle emergencies.
  • An ‘On site emergency’ plan is updated regularly, training imparted, mock drills are organized to fine tune the emergency plans.
  • Carrying out HAZOP/ HAZAN studies, developing safety data sheets, selection of suitable material of construction, developing standard operating procedures, carrying out hazardous area of classification are some of the several methods adopted to handle safety aspects of company’s operations.
  • Safety training is imparted to both the employees as well as contract workers on regular basis.

At Jubilant, we take all necessary measures to ensure that the security personnel at the organisation are aware, equipped and trained for handling security related matters including fire safety, communicating with visitors, escalation of matters, quick decision making, etc. Proper training is given to the security personnel for extinguishing fire.

We have adopted the Globally Harmonised System for providing and spreading safety information regarding our products.

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