We believe our large scale capacity manufacturing sites in India provide us with cost advantages in terms of wages and raw materials prices as compared to many of our global competitors, as well as economies of scale. In addition, by virtue of our integrated operations, we believe that we enjoy competitive advantages in the form of cost efficiencies by producing across the value chain, thereby reducing our dependence on third parties for supply of starting materials and helps to insulate us from significant volatility in raw materials prices. The APIs from our manufacturing facility is used for Solid Dosage Formulations business. Such integration between our Solid Dosage Formulations and APIs business lines allows us to continuously improve our cost of production. Additionally, our radiopharmaceutical products are distributed through more than 50 radiopharmacies. We operate our plants in accordance with cGMP and/or other applicable requirements. We currently operate four US FDA approved manufacturing facilities in North America and two US FDA approved manufacturing facilities in India.

Manufacturing Facilities

North America

  • Kirkland, Montreal, Canada
    Health Canada and the US FDA approved facility for Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Salisbury, Maryland, USA
    Health Canada, US FDA and DEA approved facility for Solid Dosage Formulations

  • Spokane, Washington, USA
    US FDA, MHRA, Health Canada, PMDA Japan approved facility for Sterile Injectables
    US FDA and Health Canada approved facility for Allergy Therapy products


  • Nanjangud, Karnataka, India
    US FDA, PMDA Japan, KFDA Korean and COFEPRIS Mexico approved facility for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India
    US FDA, UKMHRA, PMDA Japan, ANVISA Brazil and MCC South Africa approved facility for Solid Dosage Formulations