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Research & Development

The focus of R&D is to enhance innovation, scientific efficiency and effectiveness in compliance with Jubilant’s core values.

Multi-Skilled R&D Teams

In Pharmaceuticals segment, the multi-skilled R&D team specialised across value chain of pharmaceuticals focuses on generics research including APIs & across dosage forms, novel drug delivery systems research, radiopharmaceuticals, allergenic extracts research, analytical research and biological support including pharmacokinetics and Bio Availability (BA)/ Bio Equivalence (BE) research. R&D supports the activities of various businesses through developing new breakthrough products, process development, process intensification, absorption of technologies and establishing technologies at commercial scale.

Regarding APIs, our focus continues to be on developing commercially competitive, intellectual property compliant, robust and eco-friendly technologies. Our R&D thrives on 'green chemistry culture' and has developed various environmentally friendly & disruptive technologies wherein many batch processes have been replaced by continuous processes, incorporated optimum atom efficiencies, recycling and reuse of solvents/reagents/by-products targeting towards zero discharge of effluents, removal/ substitution/minimisation of hazardous chemicals and replacing chemical processes with enzymatic/ chemo catalysis processes.

A dedicated and agile team of scientists focuses on developing various dosage forms for human and veterinary use pertaining to Immediate Release (IR)/ Extended Release (ER) products, powder for suspension, solutions, suspensions, topical dosage forms including creams, ointments, lotions, solutions and development of sterile (ophthalmic & injectable) formulations.

Our Radiopharmaceuticals business has a focused R&D team with radiochemical expertise, based in Montreal, Canada. This team supports existing products and leads the development of new products using its own resources, and also collaborating with our R&D team in India. In Radiopharmaceuticals, we are continually engaged in the development of new products that have yielded a pipeline of products that can be introduced in the future.

Jubilant is also working in space of allergy diagnostics and therapeutics for treating allergies caused by companion animals (cats & dogs). Allergy R&D has expertise in biopharmaceuticals – specifically sterile liquid vaccines. Core focus is on allergen (natural) extracts for immunotherapy – range of vaccines to immunise patients against IgE mediated allergen specific hypersensitivity.

We have evolved our production technologies including specialised proprietary know-how over a period of time with the help of R&D. We keep our options to licence-in/licence-out technologies/know-how to accelerate businesses of interest.

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property (IP) - enabled innovative R&D efforts have helped us avoid any (IP) disputes after developing outstanding designing around capabilities around third party IP by identifying newer opportunities, better understanding of emerging challenges, developing alternative/innovative research strategies and creating (IP) which is well protected in defined geographies of our business interests. Our efforts have fructified into intellectual properties, which have grown over the years creating a strong position in generic pharmaceutical businesses in regulated markets.

R&D supports the activities of various businesses through developing new breakthrough products, process development and establishing technologies at commercial scale.

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