Supply Chain

supply chain

Customer delight through effective and efficient logistics and supply chain management.

The goal of Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Jubilant is to provide a substantial and sustainable value contribution to its customers for the success of our businesses.

Jubilant strives to play an integral role in all geographies where we operate. The guiding principles for our supply chain have been set under our Green Supply Chain Policy. To fulfil our Green Supply Chain commitments, the evaluation criteria cover clauses on compliance to EHS, human rights and social requirements relevant laws of the land.


  • Jubilant emphasises and invests in Life Cycle Management (LCM) of all its products consistently to be a reliable and a sustainable supplier meeting global quality standards.
  • We used modern negotiation tools like reverse auction and project management tools to ensure timely and cost efficient execution of capacity expansion projects.
  • Regular supplier meets to collectively innovate & optimize a sustainable value chain.
  • Paperless Sourcing: Jubilant uses eJ-Buy an e-procurement tool that enables paperless buying. It ensures greater efficiency and transparency in procurement process and information flow.
  • Supplier Audits are conducted annually to cover critical vendors at least once in three years. It include performance assessment against parameters such as environment, labour practice, human rights and social impact.
  • Local Sourcing: The Company sources its material, machinery, spares stores etc. from across the globe without compromising on quality and value. Preference is given to local suppliers if they satisfy the requisite specifications.
  • Training Programs: Road safety during transportation of its products and raw materials is of prime concern to the Company. In order to improve transporter safety, 'Behavioural Safety Training with focus on defensive driving' is imparted to transport service providers.