Jubilant DraxImage Inc (JDI) develops, manufactures and commercializes Radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The company serves markets globally, and is the market leader in North America in three Nuclear Medicine segments.

Jubilant DraxImage Radiopharmacies (JDR), is focused on delivering patient specific doses of radiopharmaceuticals to local Nuclear Medicine Department across the United States.

  • Nuclear Medicine market leader inNorth America for lung and bonescintigraphy and I-131 thyroiddisease therapy.
  • Strong portfolio of differentiated products including RUBY-FILL® -Rb-82 Generators and I-131 Sodium Iodine, MAAand DTPA.
  • New product pipeline includesI-131 MIBG (Iobenguane)-an ultra-orphan drug usedfor paediatric treatment ofneuroblastoma and other keyimaging agents in nuclearmedicine.
  • Clinical applications includediagnostic imaging forCardiology, Oncology,Pulmonary, Kidney, Brainand Skeletal, as well asRadiotherapy for Thyroid andother Cancers.
  • Strong new productdevelopment pipeline with aseries of key Generic productsused widely in general nuclearmedicine diagnostics andtherapy
  • JDR’s network of specializedradiopharmacies provide single photonemission computed tomography (SPECT)and positron emission tomographic(PET) prescriptions to local hospitals andoutpatient imaging centers across thenational US market.
  • Together, these locationsserve nearly 4 millionpatients each year, makingJDR the second-largestnuclear pharmacy networkin the United States.
  • Worldwide Exports-North America,Latin America,European and AsianMarkets
  • Regulatory approvalsin US, Canada, Central& South America,Europe and South Asia