Allergy Therapy Products

We provide allergy therapy products to the allergy specialty industry with a product offering range of over 200 different allergenic extracts and standard allergy vaccine mixtures as well as six different insect venom products for the treatment of allergies to insect stings.

According to Frost & Sullivan, we are one of the top three players with a market share of 17.6% in the allergenic extract market in the United States and are currently the sole producer and supplier of venom products for the treatment of allergies in the United States.

We produce and market a number of products under the "HollisterStier" brand. Our allergy therapy products business line has traditionally focused on North America as our key market, where we believe we have generated significant brand loyalty due to the quality of our products and long-standing operating history. We also market some of our key products such as allergenic extracts and venom extracts in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand through distributors. Our allergy therapy products are manufactured at our Spokane Facility. The primary target user base of our allergy therapy products are allergists, ear, nose and throat physicians, general physicians and hospital-based clinics across North America.