Jubilant Radiopharma is an industry leading pharmaceutical company specializing in Nuclear Medicine focused on developing, manufacturing, commercializing and distributing high quality and sustainable diagnostic and therapeutic agents for the sole purpose of IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH NUCLEAR MEDICINE™ on a global scale. Nearly a thousand strong and growing, the business consists of two distinct divisions; The Radiopharmaceuticals Division and the Radiopharmacies Division.

Jubilant Radiopharma is an industry leading pharmaceutical company specializing in Nuclear Medicine.

Radiopharmacies Division

Our Radiopharmacies Division is focused on compounding and distributing patient specific diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals unit doses and services to Nuclear Medicine departments across the United States. Our U.S. pharmacy footprint is continually growing and our current geographical footprint serves nearly 4 million patients each year.

Radiopharmaceuticals Division

Our Radiopharmaceuticals Division has a solid foundation in developing, manufacturing and commercializing radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. We continuously invest in the development of generic and new novel diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, which will enable early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease leading to better patient outcomes.

Market Leading Products

We serve markets across the globe and are the industry market leaders in North America. Clinical applications include diagnostic imaging for cardiology, oncology, pulmonary, renal, neurology, thyroid and bone, as well as radiotherapy for thyroid cancer. Our approved products include:

  • RUBY-FILL® (Rubidium Rb82 Generator) (PET Myocardial Perfusion)
  • HICON® Sodium Iodine I 131 Solution USP (Thyroid Radiotherapy)
  • DRAXIMAGE® I-131 Diagnostic Capsules (Thyroid Diagnostic)
  • SMART-FILL® (Proprietary I-131 Dispensing System)
  • Lyophilized kits:
    • MDP/MDP-25 (Bone imaging)
    • MAA (Lung imaging)
    • DTPA (Lung and kidney imaging)
    • Sestamibi (Cardiac imaging)
    • Gluceptate (Kidney, Brain imaging and Red Blood Cell labelling)

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