Jubilant Pharma develops, manufactures and markets radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

We serve markets globally, and are a market leader in North America in four Nuclear Medicine segments. Clinical applications include diagnostic imaging for cardiology, oncology, lung, kidney, brain and bone, as well as radiotherapy for thyroid and cancer. We have a strong new product development pipeline, in particular for Rubidium Rb - 82 (a Rubidium Generator, for PET Cardiology), and generic products.

  • HICON® I-131 solution (Thyroid radiotherapy)
  • Iodine-131 capsules (Thyroid disease diagnostic and radiotherapy)
  • SMART-FILL® (Proprietary I-131 Dispensing System)
  • Xenon-133 (Lung Imaging)
  • Rubidium Rb-82 Generator (Cardiovascular PET)
  • Lyophilized kits:
    • MDP/MDP-25 (Bone imaging)
    • MAA (Lung imaging)
    • DTPA (Lung and kidney imaging)
    • Sestamibi (Cardiac imaging)
    • Gluceptate (Kidney, Brain imaging and Red Blood Cell Labelling)